“Seeds of Love, a 501(c)(3) has worked with BeanCounters CPA since September 2009.  Our nonprofit donates funds to Semillas de Amor, an orphanage and school in Guatemala.  BeanCounters CPA, and especially Becky, were instrumental in taking us through an IRS audit a few years ago.  We had to send over 30 pounds of receipts from Guatemala for this audit.  Becky worked with the IRS auditor and was amazing.  It was a very scary process and Becky was there to answer all questions from the Seeds of Love Board of Directors and the IRS auditor.  Beancounters is always up to date with information and what she may not know she will find out exactly how the law applies to our nonprofit.  I highly recommend BeanCounters CPA.  They have been essential for the success of our nonprofit. And yes, we passed our IRS audit with flying colors!”


Nancy Susan Bailey, M.S.
Founder/Executive Director
Parramos, Guatemala
Seeds of Love and Semillas de Amor


“Working with Beancounters is so easy! They are efficient and detail oriented each step of the way, delivering great results at a reasonable cost. We have worked with them for over 3 years now and they have not only removed the burden of our day to day bookkeeping but have also exhibited expertise and trustworthiness in helping us manage our finances as well as preparing all of our tax returns.  They pretty much do it all for us so we can focus on what we love, bikes.  I consider Becky a friend and an invaluable resource.  We look forward to working with them for years to come and I would recommend them to any business owner, large or small!”

Greg Thrash, CFO
Petaluma, CA
Perigeum Development, Inc. / thehive


“Beancounters helped us make this movie.  They helped with the film production side of things as well as the day to day bookkeeping and they prepared the LLC tax return too. We had no idea what making a movie meant from a tax and accounting perspective but thankfully Beancounters did. They took advantage of the motion picture rules and they handled everything.  We hopefully will be making another movie soon and we plan on having Beancounters handle all of the accounting again for us."

Dawn Dais
Writer, Producer, Director
Sacramento, CA
Left and Loose, Motion Picture


“Beancounters has been an instrumental in helping me fight a tough Audit with the IRS. From helping me organize my records to providing a Power of Attorney, their expertise in the area of Tax has helped me save thousands of dollars during my audit. From the initial meeting through the audit process, I relied heavily on their knowledge and expertise. I now use them for all my tax & company bookkeeping. I highly recommend them.

Bobby Reed, CEO
Sacramento, CA
Capitol Tech Solutions